about us


Mason Pack is a packaging company start from 2012 and officially launch in 2013. We focus on producing and exporting Jumbo Bag, Container Bag, Sling Bag,,..

Through nearly 10 years, we continuously improve technology to create better products, enhance satisfaction’s customers.   


In 2025, being one of the strongest packaging factory in the regional and global market.  A key partner of your companies. Also, Mason Pack has given high priority to sustainable development.


Mason Pack contribute to global value chain. We not only create usable, cost saving products in our country and in the world. But also, join our hand to protect environment for a better future by using environmentally friendly or recyclable materials.  


– Long-term cooperation: Develop and maintain close working relationships with existing customers.

– Credibility: We always prepare full of necessary resources like finance, human, machine to meet all our commitments.  

– Creativity; Mason Pack always work hard and improve processing of management and manufacturing. Aim to cost saving and quality enhancing.

– Human: We treasure every our employee, appreciate their contribution and reward on time.